ExtremeRoad.com presents the

2011 Nith River Road Race

A new road race on an action-packed 16.5 km circuit in Waterloo and Perth Counties.

Cash prizes total over $3000.00.

ExtremeRoad.com is pleased to present the all new Nith River Road Race on Sunday May 22, 2011 in Wellesley, Ontario, just north of Waterloo. This is race #4 of the prestigious Ontario Cup Road Series.

Action-packed 16.5 km course through the towns of Wellesley, Lisbon, Hampstead and Nithburg – it isn’t flat. One of the main features is the uphill full hairpin turn onto the mile-long finishing “straight” with a short out-of-the-saddle climb in the final 500 m. Lots of new pavement and conveniently placed paved shoulders along the route, particularly closer to the finish. It should be a great tune-up for Nationals. And, of course, there will be lots of scenic views of the spectacular raging Nith River.

Indoor registration at the Wellesley Community Centre, although with the great warm weather forecasted for this weekend, it might be outdoors just to enjoy some spring sunshine. There is plenty of paved parking at the Centre/Arena complex. Local amenities in town that will be open Sunday include the general store as well as the Nith River Chophouse restaurant (licensed) both located at the main intersection in Wellesley two blocks from registration. There is an ice cream and hamburger shop conveniently located right next to the Feed Zone and Finish area on Gerber Road. The local gas station will not be open, however, so plan accordingly.

O-Cup Series
Sanctioned by the Ontario Cycling Association
NEW for 2011: Pre-registration is required. You may pre-register on-line.
See below for details.

Ability-based categories:
If you're new to racing, you'll appreciate the relatively new shift to ability-based categories for both men and women including intro-level Senior 4 Men, Master 3 Men and Senior 3 Women along with Master Women categories.

Entry-level riders 19+ can choose Senior 4 Men while entry-level riders 35+ can choose Master 3 Men.

Women's categories are split according to ability with the Master, Senior 3 and Under-19 Women racing earlier in the day.

One thing to note is that the finish & feed zone are located 900m from registration & parking and there is no parking permitted in that area – it is reserved for residents only. It will be possible to drive up close to that area using side streets in order to drop off people/supplies, but then you must drive back out of the area and park back at registration.

W E L L E S L E Y ,   O N T A R I O     M A Y   2 2 ,   2 0 1 1

Start Time
Entry Fee
  Master 3 Men
65 km, 4 laps
  Elite 4 Men
65 km, 4 laps $45
  Elite 3 Women
49 km, 3 laps
  Master A&B Women
49 km, 3 laps
  Under-17 Women
49 km, 3 laps
  Junior Women
49 km, 3 laps
  Elite 3 Men
82 km, 5 laps
  Junior Men
82 km, 5 laps
  Master 2 Men
82 km, 5 laps
  Elite 1 & 2 Women
approx. 2h00
  Elite 1 & 2 Men
131 km, 8 laps
  Master 1 Men
98 km, 6 laps
  Under-17 Men
65 km, 4 laps
  Number pick-up and sign-on opens at 7h00.
  Elite Women's category race distances are based on time as shown.

The Technical Guide in .pdf format.

Centre Line (Yellow Line) Rule in effect throughout the course except on the finishing straight - race officials will clarify at the start. The roads are not completely closed and other traffic will be encountered.


  • NEW for 2011: Pre-registration is required.
  • Pre-register on-line at www.ontariocycling.org.
  • Pre-registration closes at midnight Thursday May 19, 2011.
  • Number pick-up on race day closes 25 minutes before the start of each race.
UCI Licensed riders as well as Under-17 age riders with OCA Citizen Permits are eligible to register. Unlicensed riders may register by purchasing a One Event Race Permit for an additional $12.00. Please see the Technical Guide for details.

Feed Zone Information
8h30 Races
        (3,4 laps) No Feeding
10h45 races
        (5 laps) Feed Zone open during 2, 1 lap(s) to go
13h30 races
        (8 laps) Feed Zone open during 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 lap(s) to go
        (6 laps) Feed Zone open during 3, 2, 1 lap(s) to go
        (4 laps) No Feeding

For additional info call:
  (519) 885-2591


From Hwy 401 Westbound

Take Hwy 8 exit to Kitchener.
Take Hwy 7&8 exit “Stratford”.
Take Reg Rd 12 exit to St Agatha.
Follow all the way to Wellesley.
Turn Right on Greenwood Hill Rd.
Turn Left on Queen’s Bush Rd.
Turn Left on Catherine St.
And enter Community Centre parking area.

From Hwy 401 Eastbound

Take King St E (Reg. Rd 8) exit 278.
And stay right onto King St E.
Take the exit to Hwy 8 Kitchener.
Continue as above.



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Sanctioned by the
Ontario Cycling Association